About Us

SNA Finlife Advisors LLP is an investment banking firm based in Mumbai. The Person behind - Mr. Varun Kacholia is Golden Book Record Holder under category of Fastest subscribed IPO in India he is qualified MBA & LL. B,PGCIB, He is the part of India’s Prestigious Institute viz IIM Indore.. SNA Finlife Advisors LLP provide a wide range of services customized to industry/business requirements from Solution deployment, transaction advisory and other ancillary corporate services. We provide multidisciplinary services to clients with our extensive network with multiple types of professionals. We have our clients from multiple cities across the country.

We have the advantage as a small company focusing on every client’s needs with individual attention, for a medium company offering the flexibility to provide tailored solutions cost-effectively, for large company offering a wide range of services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness.

Our core competency in handling the following assignments:

1) Business Valuation
2) ESOPS valuation and Implementation
3) Business/Transactional advisory
4) Buy-side and sell-side
5) Business Structure including restructuring
6) Fundraising assignment (Equity/CCPS/ Convertible Notes)
7) Unsecured Funding

SNA Finlife Advisors LLP has direct access to a large number of Investors Mutual Funds, Big Corporate, High Net Worth Investors, Indian & Foreign Venture Capital Funds, Professionals, Valuers. SNA Finlife Advisors LLP having vast experience in Investment Banking, and in-depth knowledge of corporate laws, Income Tax, SEBI Regulations /Guidelines and Stock Exchange rules. We strongly believe that relationship has highest amount of weightage in any service industry and we value the same.

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